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Via Lombardia, 4 - 23888 La Valletta Brianza (LC) - Italy

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Business Register: Lecco, 00233440130 - REA: Lecco, 101656
Fiscal Code and VAT Number: IT 00233440130
Capital stock: 2.000.000 euro I.V. (Company with a sole member)


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Set and keep the nature to create atmosheres

For Plastecnic making a pot is not just providing a functional and technical answer to the needs of the customer but also proposing a furnishing solution, exceeding the mere material value.

When a pot enter in household spaces above all it takes nature indoor. This can be made creating an atmosphere of its own or simply adjusting to the style of the guest space.

Sense and care to these points are a must of Plastecnic in every project.

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