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In 1962, with an extraordinary perception, the charter members of Plastecnic were seeing an important opportunity in the new coming material “Plastic”.

With over 55 years of experience, the Plastecnic brand is today a point of reference in the world of pots.

Already in the 80’s Plastecnic started to develop the furnishing side of the pot, cooperating with internationally known designers and architects. In the following years a series of collections were born, which are representing still today the core-business of the company. Vaso Corinto, Cassetta Itaca, Maxi Cassetta Micene, Ciotola Fenice.

Aside the development of articles for mass production Plastecnic keeps searching and testing new technologies, looking for answers and new expressive languages beyond the main experience in injection moulding. Starting in the 90ies Plastecnic opens to new technologies and materials. The first products by rotational moulding are made, with the possibility of creating new shapes and special decorations. At a first stage these pots are just reproductions in thermoplastic resin of classical terracotta pots. But already at the beginning of the 21st century new conceptions are developed on shapes and functions for the pots, they become more sophisticated and the range of potential use is expanded. As a consequence of this latest creative evolution Plastecnic presents the Decor collection.

A further development in the direction of a more “democratic” design, resulted in a new line of pots called Mood Line, with modern and essential shapes, surfaces and colors that make these pots unique on the market.

Nowadays Plastecnic has opened a new front of research, in a multicultural direction with a vision of the pot beyond the traditional schemes. The new line of pots “Oltrevaso” is born, a track for the evolution that will inspire next collections in the years to come.

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